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Easy way to boost your website traffic and earnings

Nowadays, many Bloggers are using third-party services for shrinking links or encrypting them in the hopes of earning more money from downloads. But most of these link shrinking services pay very little. You can get thousands of views and downloads but can't make a reasonable earning from them. So, what is the better option for you? Creating your own very link shrinking or encrypting site which functions in the same way as others(,, etc). This post is focused on How to make your own link shortener with Blogger and increase earnings. By using this method with your blogger blog, you will increase traffic and earn more than what you get with other link shortener services.

With Blogger, you can create your own link shortener(or link encrypting) website and use it to gain even more traffic, monetise it and make more money. And more to that, since you can monetise with Adsense, it will save your visitors from all the hassle the get from links shorteners that have pop-up ads.

Requirements to create a link shortener site with Blogger

  • A domain name. Your Blogger blog needs to be on a custom domain name. Although you can still create without a CNAME, it will be more advantageous to have a custom domain name for easy monetisation.
  • The URL shortener script(code) for Blogger.
  • Basic HTML knowledge

How this URL shortener will come in handy

  1. Increase traffic: With third-party link shorteners, your short or encrypted links go through the third-party site. But if you are having a link shortener all that traffic will come back to you.
  2. Boost earnings: An increase in traffic will definitely result in an increment of your earnings.

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